Lack of Sleep Could Be Killing You

Last night was awesome. You see, I did something most people seldom do. I got in bed, turned off the lights, and slept eight hours! Everyone seems to be too busy these days to get eight hours of sleep. For many people, it’s a job that demands more and more time in this “do more with less” culture in which we live. For others, it’s managing the responsibilities of raising kids and taking care of a home. It often seems that our days are consumed with activity from the moment we awaken until the moment our head hits the pillow. Sadly, the result for many people is less sleep. A key to being fully engaged at work (and home) is getting sufficient sleep. Although experts recommend getting seven to

Differing Points of View

“No matter what you do, don’t ever talk about politics or religion.” I’m sure we’ve all heard those words at some point in our life. Someone once told me that the main reason to avoid those two subjects is they provide an opportunity for conflict, and most people avoid conflict. I think it’s because these are two topics most people simply don’t take the time to understand. Politics and religion are both complicated topics that are easy to develop an uneducated opinion but difficult to dig deep to truly understand. I also think most people who realize they aren’t able to stand toe-to-toe with someone who possesses a strong knowledge of either topic have found that it’s easier to just not talk

If You’re On Time, You’re Late!

One of the most precious resources we have is our time. The same is true for the people we encounter. The respect we pay to those around us by being on time and keeping our time commitments says a lot about our character. So does the disrespect of not being on time and not keeping our time commitments. Somewhere along the way it became acceptable to be routinely late. I’m not referencing the occasional tardiness. We’re all busy, and sometimes life gets in the way. Despite my attention to promptness, I’m late from time to time. A conference call goes longer than planned. Traffic from an auto accident extends the normal commute. I get that, and I understand that. What I’m referencing is the pa

Stepping Up to Lead

As I’ve shared before, an engaged culture requires a contribution from leaders and employees. Employees have a responsibility to show up in the right frame of mind, prepared to contribute their time and talent in a way that will help build the culture. Employers have a responsibility to step up with a commitment to lead, not just manage. When both sides make an adequate contribution, engagement has a chance to work. Several years ago I spoke at a conference in Phoenix, Arizona. After the presentation my friends at conducted an interview and created several video clips to share with their job seekers. As a nation we were in the middle of the recession, and I spoke about our challen

Clint Swindall, CSP

- Speaker, Trainer & Author

Clint is a seasoned professional speaker you can depend on to educate, entertain, and engage. Clint Swindall understands the power of engagement. He understands the critical roles both leaders and employees play in building a culture of engagement, and how a focused effort for both can dramatically improve an organization. Here in his blog he shares some of his knowledge and understanding of people to help you where you are in your personal and business life.

My Books

"Engaged Leadership is the best of both worlds: an engaging business story coupled with a primer on the practical skills all leaders need. In the book, Swindall provides many useful tools for successfully meeting twelve major leadership challenges. I recommend it."
—Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor and You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader

"If you want to have a team where leaders and employees are working hand-in-hand to build a culture of employee engagement, then you need to read this book. I'm confident it will help you become a weekday warrior." —Jon Gordon bestselling author of The Energy Bus and Soup

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