Heartfelt Lessons from the Loss of Man’s Best Friend

It was May 2000. My girlfriend at the time convinced me my dog Bleu needed a companion because she looked lonely. I disagreed. “Bleu is fine,” I said. I was on the verge of launching a new business, and the last thing I needed was another dog. It turns out that my girlfriend was pretty convincing. After a few conversations I agreed to consider a new dog. “I know where we can get one,” she eagerly stated as she jumped off the couch. Later that afternoon we loaded an 8-week-old puppy named Levi into the truck and headed home. The name didn’t fit her so we changed it to Black (that’s right — Black and Bleu). Bleu now had the companion she needed, and two years later I got the companion I needed

Why Should I Care About Celebrating Success?

I love a good celebration. Whether we’re celebrating a birthday, a holiday, a milestone, a promotion, a friendship, an accomplishment, or just getting through the yellow light before it turns red, count me in. Big or small, it feels good to celebrate. For some, celebrations are serious business. We spend countless hours planning and preparing huge events. We work tirelessly to pull off surprise parties (often for people who don’t like surprises). We stay up way past our bedtime to join the countdown on New Year’s Eve to celebrate something we had nothing to do with. The fact we like to celebrate in big ways does not amaze me. What amazes me is that the same people who make their plan weeks i

Just Who Do You Think You Are?

I have a confession to make. I’m not proud of it, but it’s who I am. For my entire adult life, I’ve been a political junkie. Unlike most people, I enjoy the process of selecting our national leaders every four years in the United States. I know, I know — it’s sick. I need to find a hobby. Now, in case you’re concerned that I’m going to write about politics, don’t worry. I’m a leadership consultant, not a political consultant, so my focus is analyzing the leadership of the candidates. I like to determine if there are any lessons we can learn as they may apply to the way we lead those around us. Although it is very early in the political process for the 2016 elections, I’ve tried to find what

How to Lead the Haters of Change

Change is an odd thing. While we know it’s going to happen, it seems to come in waves. At times we can wander through life and everything seems to stay the same (or at least in ways we don’t find disturbing in our constant effort to keep things the same), and at other times everything in our lives seems to change at once. As I think about change I’m reminded of all the worn-out quotes connected to the topic: “We can’t change the situation, we can only change ourselves.” “There is nothing permanent except change.” “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” Although we’ve heard them a million times (and while they’ve become clichés, they each speak truth about the topic of change), I am amaze

Clint Swindall, CSP

- Speaker, Trainer & Author

Clint is a seasoned professional speaker you can depend on to educate, entertain, and engage. Clint Swindall understands the power of engagement. He understands the critical roles both leaders and employees play in building a culture of engagement, and how a focused effort for both can dramatically improve an organization. Here in his blog he shares some of his knowledge and understanding of people to help you where you are in your personal and business life.

My Books

"Engaged Leadership is the best of both worlds: an engaging business story coupled with a primer on the practical skills all leaders need. In the book, Swindall provides many useful tools for successfully meeting twelve major leadership challenges. I recommend it."
—Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor and You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader

"If you want to have a team where leaders and employees are working hand-in-hand to build a culture of employee engagement, then you need to read this book. I'm confident it will help you become a weekday warrior." —Jon Gordon bestselling author of The Energy Bus and Soup

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