Laughing on the Job is No Laughing Matter

Some people love to shop. They can go into a mall and spend hours aimlessly wandering from shop to shop with absolutely no idea what they want to buy. I am not one of these people. I avoid shopping malls, and don’t enjoy wandering into a mall even when there’s something specific I need to buy. On a recent business trip I stayed in a hotel adjacent to a major shopping mall. After taking a walk around the area, I ventured into one of the major department stores to look for a new tie. As I walked into the men’s department, I noticed two employees arranging some display shelves. They were talking and laughing out loud, and seemed to enjoy each other’s company. As I entered the store, they stoppe

The Holiday of Love Gone Bad

I knew I was in trouble the moment she walked into our bedroom. It was Valentine’s morning, and my wife bounced in with a card and an English muffin cut into the shape of a heart. While her gesture was nice, I knew these scenarios usually work out best when you immediately reciprocate with a similar gesture, like pulling a card and small jewelry box out from under the pillow. In hopes the Valentine’s Fairy had left something the night before, I reached under the pillow. Nothing. This day wasn’t starting out all that well. Like most men, I’m annoyed by the whole idea of Valentine’s Day. I don’t need a special day to show my wife I love her. But like most men, I’m smart enough to know I have t

The Most Common Mistake We Make When Setting Expectations

Few would argue that a key first step to accomplishing anything in life is having a clear understanding of expectations. Not only is it imperative to know what is expected of us personally, it’s important for us as leaders to set clear expectations of those around us (employees, children, vendors, etc.) The expectation becomes the target for achievement. My experience has shown me that some people are quite good at communicating expectations. The parent who looks at a child and says, “Get upstairs and get your homework done!” The supervisor who looks at an employee and says, “I expect you to start showing up on time!” The wife who looks at her husband and says, “You need to pick up the dry c

Why Personal Engagement is the First Step to Employee Engagement

Much has been written about how an organization can enhance employee engagement. It’s an important area of focus when you consider 70% of employees are at some level of disengagement. All leaders should have their eye on building a culture where people want to be instead of where they feel they have to be. Every week I have the privilege of working with leaders from numerous industries as they work to build a culture of employee engagement. Some leaders are exceptional at creating a work environment where employees want to be. Other leaders struggle to make it happen. Sadly, I often see the very leaders trying to enhance employee engagement causing disengagement in their organizations. They

Clint Swindall, CSP

- Speaker, Trainer & Author

Clint is a seasoned professional speaker you can depend on to educate, entertain, and engage. Clint Swindall understands the power of engagement. He understands the critical roles both leaders and employees play in building a culture of engagement, and how a focused effort for both can dramatically improve an organization. Here in his blog he shares some of his knowledge and understanding of people to help you where you are in your personal and business life.

My Books

"Engaged Leadership is the best of both worlds: an engaging business story coupled with a primer on the practical skills all leaders need. In the book, Swindall provides many useful tools for successfully meeting twelve major leadership challenges. I recommend it."
—Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor and You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader

"If you want to have a team where leaders and employees are working hand-in-hand to build a culture of employee engagement, then you need to read this book. I'm confident it will help you become a weekday warrior." —Jon Gordon bestselling author of The Energy Bus and Soup

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