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Enhancing Employee Engagement by Bridging the Generation Gap

The ability to bring generations together is one of the single most important factors for business success in the new millennium. In order to achieve cooperation between the generations in the workplace, understanding the reasons for the differences and knowing how to respond to these differences will determine the level of success of all organizations.

In order to begin connecting the generations, an effort must be made to look beyond our own perspective and understand what has happened to each generation to make it unique. Through a blend of personal experience, ongoing research and daily interaction with companies and clients, leadership keynote speaker Clint Swindall has a strong grasp of the generations and can help you to understand several issues:

  • What makes the generations different, and how did they get this way?

  • How do we attract each generation based on our needs?

  • How do we keep the generations interested and inspired as employees?

As we consider accountability in relationships, it is essential that we learn how to approach the generational challenges in the workplace. We have multiple generations in the workforce, and the members in each have been shaped by the times in which they grew up. Much of the focus on generations today is on the differences between these cohorts. In this presentation, we’ll spend some time discussing the differences, and how we can use those differences to enhance the working relationship. But more importantly, we’ll spend some time discussing our similarities, and how the organization can benefit by taking time to understand each generation. Not only will participants learn how to enhance relationships in the workplace, they’ll leave this session with a stronger understanding of the generational impact in all aspects of their life.

Welcome to the challenge, and the solution, of bringing these generations together!

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