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Welcome to LET'S TALK SMAC app.


a SMAC a day and you're on your way ...

to more likes, shares, followers, and customers!

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1) What does SMAC mean?


It is an acronym for Social Media and Content.

2) What is SMAC?

It is a social media tool - A Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile users.


It is a guide - a place for you to get daily inspiration and motivation to post creative content regularly on social media.

3) What do you get?

  • 12 different types of posts to help spark ideas and motivate you to post.

  • At least, one Daily SMAC each day in the form of a push notification to your mobile device - each one is different and gives suggestions on what to post.

  • Free downloadable quote images already prepared for your use.

  • Website for desktop use - ( you need your SMAC login info to access this site)

When you download SMAC to your mobile device, we suggest you read the flashcards first to get an understanding of what each daily SMAC is. A flashcard is an informative slide that introduces you to each type of Daily SMAC.

4) How much does it cost?


The app requires a subscription - it is just .99 cents a month or $11.99 a year (+ tax where applicable)

5) How do I get it?


Go to your smartphone store - download the app. You'll need to confirm your email address and payment. Then you will be on your way to more likes, shares, followers and customers. (or you can click the appropriate button here)

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DISCLAIMER: While the information and techniques we offer on SMAC can make you successful without having existing experience, it is not guaranteed. Using SMAC is NOT a way to create wealth, generate followers, customers or leads without work. This application is for the implementation of information. We are sharing what has worked for us. Your results are entirely dependent on your abilities, dedication, work ethic, the quality of your product(s) and business. If you are NOT interested in doing your part and the hard work to be successful, PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR APP.

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