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From Passion to Purpose

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From passion to purpose

Author T. Alan Armstrong once said, “If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you, and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you, and BECAUSE of you.”

For the first half dozen years of my professional life, I worked corporate jobs. I would awaken early, put on my suit, maneuver the morning commute, do the job for which I was hired, and return home to mirror the routine the next day. I enjoyed those jobs, and the people around me. But I always knew they were just jobs. I always knew there was no passion.

While the jobs didn’t bring me passion, there was an aspect of those jobs that did — leadership. I have been intrigued by leadership since I was a little boy. The thought of using influence to take people from Point A to Point B was exciting to me. From those first days of excitement to this day, I have been a student of leadership. For more than a decade now, I have had the privilege of sharing my thoughts with people around the world.

As a professional speaker, trainer, and consultant, I get to stand on stages and share my thoughts on leadership with thousands of people every year. As a consultant and author, I get to share my thoughts on an individual basis with thousands more. And with this blog, I get to reach even more people every single day.

This is the first blog of what I hope will be many. It is my hope that I can enhance the way my readers lead themselves. It is my hope that I can enhance the way my readers lead the people around them. And most importantly, it is my hope that I can enhance the lives of the people who take the time to read my thoughts on leadership. I found my passion in leadership. I have become it, and let it become me. I have found that great things, indeed, have happened FOR me and TO me as I’ve pursued my passion. Whether or not great things happen BECAUSE of me is still to be seen. Let’s take the journey together and see what happens!

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