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Get a Room

For the past hour I have been sitting at an aiport bar waiting for my flight to depart. Directly to my right is a couple engaged in the most dramatic public display of affection I have ever seen in my life. They’re either in the early stages of this relationship, or he’s just been released from prison. Not sure which it is. When I got here, every seat was taken at the bar. Now, it’s me and the couple I’ve nicknamed “Young Love.” They’ve run everyone else off. I figure if I’m going to stay, I might as well write about it.

Don’t get me wrong … I’m happy for them. It’s apparent they are crazy about each other (or just crazy). In fact, when two people are that much in love (or lust, which is probably the case for these two), they should express it. However, there is a time and place for everything. While right now may be the time for them, it certainly is not the place.

Go ahead, show your affection for your partner in public. Hold hands, provide the occasional kiss, but please recognize boundaries. I’m not exactly sure what the boundaries should be, but here’s a good standard … if you would feel awkward doing it with your mother or father sitting in my seat right now, then you’ve probably crossed into unacceptable territory. At that point, just get a room!

Clint Swindall

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