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Why Wait?

At a Christmas party last week I had a friend walk up to me with a plate full of food and say with a smile, “I’m starting my diet next week. It’s my New Year’s Resolution. But until then, I’m going to enjoy myself!”

We’ve all heard a similar story. In fact, we may have said those exact words related to our own lives. Sadly, that thought process is exactly what will cause most people to fail in their resolutions. The key requirement to change our lives is true resolve. If we have true resolve, then why would we ever want to wait? Every goal in our life must be driven by a passion and a real desire to change, not a day on the calendar.

If there are some things you want to do to improve your life in 2012, start now. Don’t wait until New Year’s Day. Set your goals, identify potential obstacles and ways to overcome them, and resolve to change your life. If it’s important to you, there’s no better time than right now to start making progress.

Clint Swindall

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