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The Ripple Effect

Words are powerful. Every day we use them to build people up and tear them down. We use them to engage and disengage employees. The words we choose often inspire people to want to follow us, or make them want to run from us. Actions may indeed speak louder than words, but words are powerful.

Often our words are hurtful and we don’t even know it. Regardless of our intent, our words create a ripple effect with those around us. The pain from negative comments gets spread, as does the joy from positive comments. As a leader at work or home, you have a responsibility to be aware of the impact of your words. You have a responsibility to manage the impact of the ripple effect that comes from your words. My hope is that by the end of today, you will be able to point to something you did to create a positive ripple effect … having a positive impact on the lives of people you’ve never even met.

Clint Swindall

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