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Summer Challenge

The long-awaited summer break is here. Let the fun begin!

For many people, the summer break is an opportunity to abandon routine. With kids out of school, normal schedules are rare. Vacations are planned, and work routines are altered. Often the modified pace (and schedule) is a welcome change.

As we settle into the “new normal” of the summer break, it is easy to set aside personal development for family time. I happen to believe it is possible to do both. Whatever your summer plans may be, I challenge you to not allow your personal development to stop until the break is over. In fact, my challenge is simple … pick a book that will help develop your skills and commit to reading it over the summer. If you’re a regular reader of personal development material, then read two books this summer. It’s simple … make it happen!

God’s blessings to you as you enjoy your summer!

Clint Swindall

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