One Simple Way to Improve Your Day

Bad news. Disappointing news. Turn on any television news channel first thing in the morning and you’ll get a giant heap of both. Open a newspaper and you’ll have your choice of tragedies from which to select. Get online and you’ll find seemingly endless sites prepared to load your head with crud. It can sometimes seem overwhelming.

However, we must keep in mind that newspapers are trying to sell newspapers, and television stations and online sites are trying to gain enough viewers to make it attractive to advertisers. They are simply living by the old axiom that bad news sells better than good news. As long as we’re willing to tune in to see or read the bad stuff, they’ll keep putting it in front of us. After all, they’re running a business.

We can’t control the news, but we can control how and when we get it. Research indicates that whatever we see, hear, or do first thing in the morning will stick in our subconscious mind for the rest of the day. Which means that if you turn on the TV when you first open your eyes in the morning and start learning of all the tragedies in the world the night before, you’ve just allowed that negative information to impact you throughout the day. There are times this comes back to us during the day as a lousy mood. There are other times this comes back to us as disengagement on the job.

The way we lead the people around us begins with the way we lead ourselves. When we’ve allowed negative information to have a negative impact on our mood, the people around us feel the impact of it. Likewise, if we can improve our day, the people around us feel the impact of that as well. So, here is the one simple way to improve your day … adjust your morning routine to eliminate the input of negative information. Read something inspirational in order to plant something positive in your subconscious mind. Even better, start your day reading scripture from the Bible (the best-selling book of all time). You have more control over how you start your day than you probably want to admit.

So, determine what you want to get stuck in your subconscious mind throughout the day and do that. I believe it will make a difference. But even if it doesn’t, it will allow you to start the day without hearing about everybody else’s crud. And that, my friends, is well worth the effort.

Clint Swindall

© 2015 Clint Swindall — Clint is the president & CEO of Verbalocity, Inc., a personal development company with a focus on leadership enhancement. For information about how he can enhance employee engagement in your organization, please visit, or contact him directly

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