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Good Will Always Outnumber the Bad

The bombings in Brussels today served as another reminder of the evil in this world. Any time some pathetic and spiritless coward sets out to hurt innocent people our attention goes to the evil and hate all around us. There’s no question it’s there. But as I’ve sat back and watched the response, I think there is a deeper reminder amongst all the carnage … one we should see every time terrorism strikes … good has (and always will) outnumber the bad.

The strength of goodness in people was on full display in Brussels today. Unknown heroes reaching out to help those in need. Prayers for those suffering from loss are filling social media sites. It seems we have a choice to focus on the malicious acts of a minority of haters and think that our world is crumbling around us, or we can focus on the thoughtful acts of so many caring people — countless acts that don’t just come when tragedy strikes, but are displayed every single day.

Don’t let evil acts convince you that the “good” in this world can’t overcome the “bad.” There will always be spineless vermin who will remind us of evil in the world with their heartless deeds. While living amongst them is a fact of life, so is being surrounded by an overwhelming abundance of goodness and people reaching out to help those in need. The bad guys will do their damage, but we will always win because good has (and always will) outnumber the bad.

Clint Swindall

© 2016 Clint Swindall — Clint is the president & CEO of Verbalocity, Inc., a personal development company with a focus on leadership enhancement. For information about how he can enhance employee engagement in your organization, please visit, or contact him directly

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