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The Power of One Simple Choice

There are some lessons we learn in life that stick with us forever, while others require constant reminders. For me, one of those lessons that requires a constant reminder is the power of choice.

It becomes so easy to think we are simply a victim of our situation. When we’re unhappy, it is so easy to blame people, places, and circumstances for our lack of satisfaction in life. Though we sometimes feel trapped, the solutions are always within our control. We may not like the options and we may not be bold enough to take a risk, but the solutions are always within our control.

When it comes to dissatisfaction with a job or a boss (or a role in a volunteer organization), you have three choices:

(1) Choose to stay and change the culture from within (change can rarely take place on the outside looking in)

(2) Choose to pack up and find a place where you feel you can make a difference (and can look forward to going every day)

(3) Choose to stay and wallow around in the misery (and allow yourself to become like “them”)

Whether you are early in your career or have retirement in sight, these choices are always yours. Sometimes we aren’t willing to pay the price for making the choice to leave, but ultimately, the choice is yours. Choose well.

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