Building a Corporate Culture Focused on the Good Stuff

We are surrounded by negativity! If we can’t find enough of it in our own world, the media provides a steady diet of negative information. Murders, rapes, wars, crimes, and a myriad of local tragedies show up in the news on a daily basis. Even the most positive person can be impacted by the barrage of negative information. All this downbeat information has a negative influence in our personal lives, and ultimately finds its way into our professional lives.

The negativity around us is real and isn’t going away, even after the current onslaught of pessimistic information is gone. The question is how we live an inspired life despite all the negativity. The answer involves us challenging ourselves and those around us to search out and stay focused on the good stuff. Clint Swindall teaches us that we each have a responsibility to help build a culture around us that gets others focused on the good in life. That’s what Tell Me Somethin’ Good! is all about.

In this humorous, high-energy session, you’ll identify some ways to refocus on the good stuff, including:

  • Celebrate the good stuff – The choice to create a culture of celebration

  • Assess your clan – The choice of who we let in our “clan”

  • Keep it All in Perspective - No matter what challenges you face, someone has it worse than you

  • And much more good stuff!

There are plenty of negative people who will gladly contribute to the culture of negativity. Clint Swindall’s program is designed for those people who want to be a part of the solution of a positive culture. You’ll learn some things that can enhance the personal and professional life of the people around you. But most importantly, you’ll enhance YOUR personal and professional life in this program.


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