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We live in a negative world. We get it regularly from media outlets because it sells. There is no shortage of it from the people around us every day either. Coworkers, bosses, subordinates, friends, family, and strangers on the street will seek us out to share the crud in their lives.


Negativity isn't going away. We’ll always have those who constantly complain about their situation. We’ll always have those who are excessively pessimistic about their future. We’ll always have those who simply cannot see past the challenges in their life.


While we can’t eliminate negativity in our life, we can learn to overcome it. Since much of our negativity comes from old habits of dealing with the bad stuff in our lives, an effort must be made to establish new habits of dealing with the crud. When we do, we’ll create a more positive life for ourselves and those around us.


In this inspiring little pocketbook designed to be read in one sitting, author Clint Swindall provides a simple approach to creating a more positive world. He presents the content of the book in a fable, sharing the journey to a more positive world through the eyes of realistic but fictional characters. Get ready for a real-world story of one man’s journey back to a more positive and enjoyable life.  


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CLINT SWINDALL, author of Engaged Leadership and Living for the Weekday, is a motivational keynote speaker who has been inspiring audiences with the Tell Me Somethin’ Good! message for more than two decades.


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