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We help overcome the challenge of employee disengagement by focusing on the mindset of employees and the skillset of leaders


  • Improved Morale

  • Innovation

  • Commitment

  • Positivity

  • Retention

  • Greater Productivity

Happy business people collaborating
Disengaged employees at work


  • Low Productivity

  • Low Motivation

  • Poor Communication

  • Higher Turnover

  • More Safety Violations

  • Lower Profitability

Team of engaged employees coming together

Why Focus on Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is crucial for organizational success and growth. It goes beyond mere job satisfaction and encompasses a deep connection, passion, and commitment from employees towards their work and the organization. At Verbalocity, we define employee engagement as the degree to which an employee is dedicated and passionate as the result of an intellectual and emotional connection to an organization.


Research shows employee engagement is good for business as engaged employees are more likely to be motivated, productive, and loyal. They exhibit higher levels of creativity, innovation, and problem-solving abilities, contributing to improved performance and profitability. Engaged employees also foster a positive work environment, leading to better teamwork, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, employee engagement enhances retention rates, reduces absenteeism, and attracts top talent, resulting in a competitive advantage. Ultimately, investing in employee engagement creates a thriving and sustainable workplace culture that drives organizational success.

The Approach

Our approach to improving employee engagement has two aspects:

the mindset of employees and the skillset of leaders

Our solutions to deliver value to your organization include:

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